Specifications for DCjazz E-blasts

Samples can be sent on request.  Content from our e-blasts can be found on our blog page.

You can submit the ad 2 ways:

1. Submit it in a plain text email with images attached. We will assemble it into HTML and send it back to you for proofing.  We recommend a white background, no more than 4 images, and no longer than a few paragraphs or one printable page.  All images need to be sent as a .jpg, .png  or a .gif and optimized to 72 dpi and no larger than 650 pixels wide.  We host all images on our server.

If you intend to share and boost the email as a post in Facebook, we recommend not to include any text on the banner image if it is a photo of an artist.  Adding more than 15% text, and making it like a poster image looks great, however Facebook will not allow the post to be boosted claiming that it’s a poor quality post because too high a percentage of text versus image was used.

 2. Submit a finished design in HTML and we will add our logo and removal instructions at the bottom.  Images hosted on your website will be copied and put on our server for sending.

 HTML specs:

  1. Recommended width is 650px. Please keep it between 600-700 px wide
  2. Graphics should be supplied as Web-ready GIF, PNG or JPG files, 72 dpi. PDF files are not accepted.
  3. Inline CSS for style is fine if applied to individual elements. Do not use CSS in the header trying to style the whole document.  Actually, nothing should be in the header tag since we don’t use a header tag for email.
  4. Do not use background images or layer images.
  5. Use .html coding for special characters (i.e. apostrophes, ampersands, bullets etc.) Copying and pasting from MS Word will result in character problems where, as an example, an apostrophe will look like a bunch of characters instead of what it’s supposed to be.
  6. E-blast files cannot include JavaScript (or other similar scripting languages).
  7. Avoid image mappings

*** Please note: An email cannot be images only.  Images are used to spice up an email only.  They are the icing on the cake.  Emails need to stand on their own with text since many recipients may have images blocked and only see text.  Also content redistributors will not take the time to hand type your message if it’s not already created in text.

 For deadlines, please submit 3-5 business days ahead of send dates.

Also, and most importantly, please do not forget to include a great Subject Line!

 thanks, Louis