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Our Calendar System


1. Begin by going to the home page of and clicking on a link called Cyberunion. This link is at the top right of the home page. Login to the Cyber-Union©™.

2. When you reach the Welcome to Cyber-Union©™ page, logon with your username and password. If you never registered to the Cyberunion, please register. If you lost your password, please contact us using our contact form.

3. After logging in, you will see 5 links. Click on the link that says: Add Event Calendar Entry. Once there, just fill out the form and press submit. Every event you post will instantly be posted on your website calendar (if you are using our widget) plus the calendar page. In addition, other entertainment websites and event aggregators reference our data and post it on their websites

Below are some helpful hints:

  • Date can be entered by clicking the desired date on the blue calendar. If you prefer to type it in manually, it must be entered like this: 02/09/15
  • Location is the name and address of the venue.
  • Directions are optional. If this field is left blank, the “Directions” link will not appear. You can type in simple directions or a link (e.g. to the venues directions page on their web site.
  • Description is the event name, personnel, instrumentation, etc. Please keep this focused and brief as possible.
  • Buy Now is a link (e.g. to a web site that sells tickets for the event. Only a link can go here. There is no need to type in http:// – it’s filled in for you. If this field is left blank than no “Buy Now” link will appear. Telephone is not required but is very helpful to add if known.
  • Add To Monthly Calendar (Also known as Hot Pick) – only one event each month can be added to the DCjazz monthly calendar email (Monthly Hot Pick). Please decide which event is the one you want to feature. All events, no matter how many, will appear on the calendar on your individual web site. Please note: before adding next month’s Hot Pick, the event currently listed has to have expired. Tip: If you have 2 “hot” events in one month, you can check one for a few days and then uncheck the event and check the other alternating back and forth between the 2 events. This can be done by clicking on the Update/Delete Calendar Entries link.
  • Make this a recurring event – By checking the “yes” button, you can make any event, except a Hot Pick, a recurring event. You must enter an end date in the “Last Date for Recurring event” box and use the following format: mm/dd/yyyy. You can extend this event for up to 3 months at a time. All recurring events will post on your website calendar so be careful not to post too far in advance or your schedule page will be too long.

*Please do not use all caps when entering your information*