Susan Jones

Susan JonesAfter several successful CD release performances at Blues Alley, Susan was invited back to participate in the Stephane Grappelli week at the acclaimed jazz club. She played many of the pieces that the great jazz violin pioneer had performed over the years, including several from the Django Reinhardt playbook, and told stories from Grappelli’s many musical adventures over the years. It was a very entertaining evening, and a good time was had by all, musicians and listeners. Many of the selections from that concert have worked there way into Susan’s permanent playlist.

“Jones is one of the best violinists in Washington, and in the relatively small world of jazz violinsts, she’s developing an international reputation.” The Washington Post

In September of 2011, Susan had the wonderful opportunity to perform in Israel, with renowned vibraphonist David Friedman in a small intimate concert setting. This concert was arranged by a mutual friend. Her husband, Tom Jones played drums, and on bass Stewart Welch, a former member of  “Jim Levy and the Serfs of Swing”, who was living in Tel Aviv at the time. David Friedman, a former New Yorker, lives in Berlin. This international collaboration led to a thrilling performance. Many of the tunes performed can be found on YouTube.

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