Jason Paul Curtis

Jason Paul Curtis“Curtis is fresh, vibrant, cooler than cool, and irresistible, in more ways than one”
“Faux Bourgeois Café” chosen top 30 albums of 2014
–Mark. S. Tucker, acousticmusic.com

“Curtis charms with a kind of supper-club, charismatic voice that floats smoothly off the airwaves.”

“This is a must male jazz vocal date for everyone.”
-Midwest Record
“There is about Jason’s music an appropriately lively feeling and the band always swings with that seemingly effortless ease.”
“Curtis has a hip delivery, and with his 21st Century concepts delivered in Rogers
and Hart moods, he makes tunes like “Phone” and “Brooklyn” sound both nostalgic and contemporary.”

For his eagerly anticipated second album, Faux Bourgeois Café, the outstanding vocalist/songwriter/trumpeter Jason Paul Curtis described his focus in straightforward terms: “I wanted original gypsy-jazz- that moves and makes you move.” It definitely is that – and a good bit more. Following up on his highly acclaimed 2012 debut, Lovers Holiday, Jason serves up a delightful menu of Django-inspired originals, sumptuous ballads, sublime Brazilian and unfettered swing – an ideal soundtrack to the sultry nights of summer.

Returning from the previous album is the brilliant piano-drum tandem of Ray Mabalot and Woody Hume, both members of Jason’s regular trio – along with the remarkable multi-reedman/flautist Dave Schiff. Joining them for this journey are guitarist John Albertson and bassist Ephriam Wolfolk, both of whose consummate skills contribute powerfully to this extraordinary album. The vast array of top artists with whom these exemplary musicians have performed are a veritable Who’s Who of jazz and popular music, including Tony Bennett, Natalie Cole, Mel Torme, the Mills Bothers, Buddy Rich, Sonny Stitt, Sir Roland Hanna, Ahmad Jamal, Anita O’Day, Stevie Wonder, Ray Charles and so many more.

Together, they bring a glowing vitality and a spirited synergy to Jason’s musical vision. His background in musical theater and opera in his native Texas, coupled with the influences of Nat ‘King’ Cole, Harry Connick Jr. and the Manhattan Transfer – and with a clear touch of Chet Baker and the Chairman of the Board, Frank Sinatra – has resulted in a beautiful vocal style, marked by flawless intonation and impeccable phrasing. But
beyond his talents as a singer, Jason’s songwriting and arranging talents are exceptional, as fully evidenced throughout Faux Bourgeois Café. Comprised of eight original compositions and two unexpected but perfectly complementary songs, the album is an aural delight from beginning to end, further enhanced by his inspired and compelling lyrics.

Like this spectacular album, it’s a further sign of the limitless creativity and marvelous imagination of Jason Paul Curtis.
-Marty Khan, outrwardvisions.com

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