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Since 2001, DCjazz has been promoting jazz artists and marketing jazz events to our E-list which has steadily grown to a 45,000+ member community of music lovers.

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  1. Send an dedicated e-blast with just your message to our list. We can also send a follow-up e-blast for a reduced fee.
  2. Place your logo/banner and link on our Jazzscene page.  Our Jazzscene page ( is the second most frequently visited page on the DCjazz website.  Since 2001 it has steadily been a popular resource for local club listings and organizations that present jazz concerts and festivals.  Currently we get around 1,000 unique visits to this page a week.
  3. Placement in our monthly Hot Picks email. This email features events posted by local musicians, events at local jazz clubs and news items.  It is sent on the 1st day of the month.

We produce results and encourage you to track our e-blasts and banners with a pixel, link shortener, or page hit counter.  We provide Opens and Clicks on request to help you identify which content produced the best results.  Other entertainment websites and event aggregators reference our data and post it on their websites. Social media sites Facebook and Twitter receive daily updates as we actively promote newly added events.

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“DCjazz is as complete a listing of what’s going on in the Washington jazz world as you can find anywhere.”  – The Washington Post

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  • Monthly service with 6 month agreement

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  • Home page feature
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