Marshall Keys

“Marshall Keys’ dulcet tones and earthy compositions conjure the spirits of jazzmen past and future.” From mainstream to contemporary, from bebop to hip-hop, he plays the saxophone with a sense of grace and emotion that is wholly without cliché. Saxophonist Marshall Keys represents as high a level of musicianship as can be found anywhere, and his versatility and strong


Jeff Antoniuk

Saxophonist Jeff Antoniuk is internationally respected as a jazz composer and musician. Now living in Annapolis, Maryland, the Canadian born artist appears on numerous recordings and has been consistently well received by critics. With a master’s degree from the University of North Texas in jazz performance and West African ethnomusicology, Antoniuk spent a decade touring

Mastering sound and mood, Halley Shoenberg is an accomplished saxophone and clarinet player whose style is collected from several sources of jazz, theatre and popular music. From swinging originals to noted modern-era favorites, her intelligently inspired brand of music shines with unique clarity. A multi-instrumentalist who plays clarinet, saxophone and flute, Shoenberg has produced three

From:  Liven Up Jazz JAZZ IN THE SPIRIT: A Musical Journey From the first plaintive sounds of a 13th century chant, to the exuberance of traditional Southern gospel, and continuing through the intensity and peaceful calm of John Coltrane, “JAZZ IN THE SPIRIT” takes audiences of all ages through a magical musical journey unlike any


Ron Kearns

Ron Kearns is a performer, conductor, composer/arranger, record producer and educator. He has performed with Ernie Andrews, Stanley Turrentine, Rick Henderson, Kenny Reed and many other notable artists. He has performed at venues such as the world renowned Blues Alley Jazz Supper Club (Washington, DC), The Iridium (NY, NY), Ryles Jazz Club (Boston), Rams Head